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Sunday, April 18, 2010

If You're In Seattle...

Hey Rainy-City-and-Thereabouts Readers!

Come over and down some drinks with me and my homegirl Corbin Lewars at our BITCHIN' BOOK LAUNCH PARTY - 7:00pm on Wednesdsay, April 28th. I would be so honored to have you there. We will be celebrating our respective first books, both released by Catalyst Book Press: Knocked Up, Knocked Down and Creating a Life.

There will be music, booze (of course!), snacky snacks, a few short readings, cool people, and - if I can get my nerve up - possibly even a live performance of the Stillbirth Theme Song (don't hold me to that, though - I type this on caffeine). And of course, if you're there, I fully want-hope-expect you to come up and say hello so we can exchange a gigantic KuKd/TTC sister-to-sister hug. Kapeesh?

Cool. Contact me to RSVP and get the full location and deets. I promise it's not in a dark forest or strip club.


caitsmom said...

Wish I could!!!! Good luck with the book. It's sounds great.

Emerging Butterfly said...

I wish I could...I'm only about 8 hours away in the mountains of Missoula Montana, but it might as well be half across the world at the moment. The anniversary of our "dirth" for Simon and Alexander is Earth day...the 22nd, and I admit that I'm feeling fragile and hermitized. May your book grow wings and become a star! With much love,

Cassie said...

Man, I wish I could. I seriously thought about hopping a plane from Cleveland & begging my uncle to let me stay w/him (is Bellevue far?)!! Alas, I'll be in the thick of preparing finals &, unless my tax refund gets here, am super broke...oh, ya, and there are those "other" details--Ian, 3 1/2 and Grayson, 1 1/2, hubby Matt, two cats....!! Ahhhh! As I said, I am even more grateful for my time with them now that I have been officially knocked up and down. I know you understand.

Have a beer (something sort of hoppy) or glass of wine (pinot noir or chianti, please) for me, and know that I am SOOOO freaking happy for, and proud of, you!

Oh--and I will be going on Amazon to write you a glowing review, soon (I have been spending so much of my "ought to be grading" time on here---ha ha! Shit's gotta get done, tho--sigh!!)


Michelle said...

Oh I am sad...I would love to be there but it is a little ways away from Detroit. I hope you have a blast!

KuKd Chick said...

Cassie - thanks so much my dear! I would love that and totally get the "ought to be grading" phenomenon.

Y'all - I'll feel you there in spirit!

Keepontrying said...

I read your book this weekend and cried my eyes out! What a beautifully written story. Thank you for sharing it with other KUKDers!